Speedtest APK Mod v4.7.19 [Premium Unlocked]For Android

Speedtest APK free

Speedtest APK– is an no-cost app that tests internet speed and efficiency on your smartphone. Just one tap you can determine the efficiency of transmission and its stability. This will allow you to get quick solutions to improve your experience.

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Update August 17, 2022

Today, Speedtest has become a tool that is trusted by millions of users across the globe. It gained a lot of attention because of its straightforward but practical and efficient features. It allows users to examine their internet connection to provide visual evaluation and offers solutions for internet-related issues. Additionally, it permits users to connect safely and securely using an affordable VPN service.

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Amazing features Speedtest APK

Speedtest APK free

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:

Access all crucial information

If you are interested, now is the time to review your current Internet connectivity by using the tools that are provided that will allow all important data to be stored to be transferred through your network. Discover more about your upload and download speed to ensure that your Internet provider is performing its job. Take ping data and determine whether it’s sufficient to enjoy games.

Have fun working with our free VPN service.

To make the app more effective, Ookla also offers the free VPN service via their mobile application, which is available to everyone to use. Just enable the tools provided and enjoy having your Internet connection completely protected with sophisticated VPN security and privacy. Additionally you are able to unblock the Internet and connect to any websites and online services without any limitations.

Real-time graphs that are easy to access and understand.

Here , in Speedtest APK , Android users can benefit from the user-friendly and easy-to-use graphs that are real-time for their smartphones. You are free to activate the graphs that are available specific to your connections. They will provide real-time data that will demonstrate their reliability and performance. This makes it much simpler for you to analyze the networks. exclusive 5G testing capability for testing For those who are connected to 5G to your Android devices it is now possible to test your connection by using the tools provided by Speedtest . With the 5G test capability that is exclusive from all network testers this app will ensure that you receive the right results.

You can access coverage maps for mobile phones

Speedtest mod APK

In Speedtest APK, Android users can benefit from the beneficial and clear coverage maps that will show the range and effectiveness of your mobile network. In the end, you will be able to find the best spots to relax and get the most reliable speed of connection.

Performance Test and Fast Network SPEED TEST

If you’re constantly experiencing issues with connectivity to your network and are looking to figure out what the source of the issue is from, you’ll be able to solve the issue. This is the perfect application for you to assess the performance and speed of the network your gadget is linked to. By a single touch the app, all parameters are instantly measured and reported to you in a short time.


With the constant advancement of technology 5G connectivity has become extremely popular in a variety of countries. The capability to connect to 5G enables users to benefit from numerous benefits. If you’d like to test the efficacy of this connection, Speedtest APK will also be able to assist you with great support.

The possibility of visiting through THE MAP OF A SERVICE PROVIDER

Furthermore, the app can also provide an overview of the coverage of various network service providers. Then, you’ll be able to determine the areas that are most suitable for connection and speed. Then, you’ll be able choose the most suitable service provider to suit your area.

SECURITY and PRIVACY are the top priorities.

Speedtest APK for android

With Internet connectivity there are always issues regarding user data and its damage can be grave. A number of prior applications have taken advantage of access and network checks to steal data from users and deliver a poor experience. But , with this app, the developer is dedicated to ensuring your safety as a user and the capability to safeguard private data is an absolute priority for everyone who uses it.

Review the history of your performance measurement

It’s not easy for users to manage their measurement, and comparability between different measurements can also be an issue. Through this program users can directly examine the results of all of their tests through the statistical historical section. The user will be able to comprehend the basics of the details and parameters of the previous measurements, and be able to directly compare with the most recent outcome.


In addition users will also be able to manage their network speed and the changes they make within the application. Speedtest APK will let users utilize measurements history to automatically combine data to provide a summary the user’s experience. The application will provide you with extremely precise statistical charts, so you’ll be capable of controlling the speed of your Internet connection in a comprehensive an easy and simple manner.

About Speedtest APK

Speedtest APK download

After downloading the application to your mobile it will be connected to the mobile network service provider. After that, simply select “GO” to proceed with the test. The results are delivered to you within moments and will include a meter as well as a histogram. Based on these two indicators, to determine the efficiency for the lines of transmission is simple. The frequency line is a way to determine whether the line’s stability is and the meter measures the speed of the line in real-time. If stability is low there will be an increase on the frequency line.

Additionally, users can leave the application open to check the speed of the line. The speed will appear on the meter, with an intuitive and precise scale. Additionally, it will show the speed of download based on the quality of the internet connection currently. Based on this it is possible for users to decide if they want to download a particular document or not. Additionally, users can view the speed of upload. This measure will help you determine the time it takes to upload a file , based on the file’s size.

Connect to the internet by using VPN service. VPN service

In addition to checking the performance of the line Speedtest APK will also keep your internet connection secure and private through an VPN service. The app gives users the possibility of 2GB data free per month. If they choose to use the premium plan of the app which includes unlimited storage unlimited. While using data, they will also be completely free of ads and can have a safe and secure online experience.

You can be sure that this application doesn’t gather user information. With the help of a VPN service you are secure from threats such as malware, data theft and many more. With this service internet access, it is no longer a problem for the majority of users. It’s a very practical aspect that is unquestionably essential in this software.

Review and share test results

The entire activities you perform on this application are saved under the section Results. You will always have access to comprehensive and easy-to-read reports that let you look over your logs. Additionally, the software lets users share reports effortlessly. This allows them to monitor web traffic metrics and gauge the effectiveness of the application each day, week and even monthly. Users are able to add notes to the report on results to note the things they’d like to note. If you wish to erase any data simply click the trash icon.

Simple to utilize

Although it is an application with many beneficial options, Speedtest appis really easy to use. Users need to install it once , and then sign up for its subscription plan to use it for a lifetime. With a vibrant user interface and black backgrounds it displays all the information like numbers and letters, charts and many more are easily displayed so that you can easily see and analyze. In addition, the process is also easy. Just tap the screen to examine the results, make annotations, erase the results, share them and much more. You don’t need to learn a course to use the functions. Everything is accessible on the main page of the app.

Final decisions

To ensure that Android users using Speedtest APK are able to enjoy their app to the fullest extent, has done an excellent job of maintaining the web’s useful features, and has also added a number of wonderful features to their mobile application. This means that you’ll be able to make more efficient use of the app and take advantage of the additional features. Additionally, with the no-cost and unlocked application available on our site there are additional reasons to get started taking advantage of the app.

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