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ProtonVPN APK– is the only free VPN service that is risk-free to use and safe to personal information of users. Proton VPN was developed by the same CERN researchers the creators of Proton Mail, the most frequently used encryption email service on the planet. Proton VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by Proton gives users an encrypted and secure internet connection as well as accessibility to streams as well as websites that are typically not accessible.

App Name ProtonVPN
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Price Free
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Update August 18, 2022

Proton’s safe, non-logs VPN allows secure internet access round all the time, doesn’t display ads, doesn’t transfer your information to third-party companies, and doesn’t limit the amount of data that may be downloaded. It is widely used by millions of people across the globe.

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Features of ProtonVPN APK


ProtonVPN APK is a fantastic application that lets you ensure your privacy online for free the expense. The seemingly basic app can be used for numerous other things! These are the features it offers:
VPN service There are a lot of websites that could expose us and also our personal information. This is why a lot of applications have been released that allow users to secure their online browsing. ProtonVPN app is among the top VPN applications available today, with fast connections and multi-layer security. With this application, you can access any site you want without worrying about it! You don’t have to worry about anything else so long as you’re protected by this amazing security.

No logs Some VPN applications claim to shield you from attacks, yet they themselves gather data from you! With ProtonVPN they do not log or store your personal data or use it in any manner, way, or shape! This guarantees that you are able to browse in peace and use their application without worry! You don’t need to worry about who else will see your private data, apart from you.

Split Tunneling support Split Tunneling Support This is a new feature that lets you choose the type of traffic that goes over in the VPN tunnel. If you do not want other devices to be protected It’s okay with this application. This allows you to multitask when using this VPN application!

Bypass Blocking If you’ve ever been not able to access a site because it’s not accessible in your region do not fret as ProtonVPN app is available! The app will grant you access to websites that are subject to VPN restrictions to access and uncensored content! There’s hardly a single website on the internet that this application can’t access.

A plethora of servers To assist you, this application has 577 servers spread across 44 countries around the world! It will let you choose which servers you require and give you a broad choice of options.

Support Support If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, you are able to contact support using the app’s support feature!

ProtonVPN APK is a completely free app that lets you secure all your internet activity and protect your personal data from being scrutinized by the public. Proton was designed by the developers to enhance security and privacy for Android devices and smartphones. It can be downloaded through Google Play Store or developed and released on GitHub.
One of the top VPN Android apps, the ProtonVPN APK lets users join the Internet safely.
block websites, hide your location, and secure your connection with ProtonVPN’s cost-free VPN application.

Mod APK for no cost

Access your favorite servers anytime, secure your IP address, and enjoy unlimited bandwidth
The Internet unblocked worldwide access, VPN hotspot protection
Unblock the user-friendly Internet applications Access any website or app. No Internet connection is required
Make sure your mobile devices are anonymous and compress your data usage

Features OF ProtonVPN APK

ProtonVPN APK free

This feature could be divided in two. The first can be the bundle of software and the other is the fact that it functions by downloading websites and transferring them to the hard drive of your computer. This can also mean that you are able to connect to a website server from another location provided you have an accessible Internet connection. Also, as long as the servers remain accessible, you can browse your preferred websites.


Another characteristic that is included in Proton VPN MOD APK is the ability to change your IP in the application. This function has been developed to be able to do this in a manner that it is able to conceal your location. The reason lies in the fact that it’s because you’re connecting to remote servers by the the Internet and not via another system or device. The settings for your browser will automatically be changed to look as if they’re from a different place. This feature could be very helpful in securing you identity to hackers.

Another benefit of Proton can offer is that it will ensure that your browsing is private. You may have noticed that browsing the Internet is usually done via various places. However, with this option, you can pretend to be in another location when you’re actually surfing the Internet. This lets you surf more anonymously and secure

Amazing VPN service

There are a myriad of websites which could expose us to risks and also to the information we provide. Due to this, an array of applications have been created to help users secure themselves while browsing online. ProtonVPN APK is one of the best VPN applications available today with rapid connections as well as numerous layers of protection.

No logs or information.

Some VPN software claims to safeguard your personal data from hackers however, they do collect data from you! With ProtonVPN they won’t retain or keep your personal information, no matter the it is in any form, shape or manner! This means that you’re safe to browse and use their service without worry! There is no need to worry about another person accessing your personal data in addition to yourself.


For small-sized business using internet access Internet and the capability to access it via your servers of your company can be extremely crucial. If you use Proton the software, you’ll be in a position to accomplish this. Proton offers a variety of plans that meet your needs and some even have an intuitive interface for users. This feature was designed to make use of the interface easy in the mind of users.


These are the primary advantages of ProtonVPN APK. There are alternative options, but these are the most widely accessible options. If you’re considering using the firm’s VPN option, you might consider using Proton instead. Proton offers a variety of great features to ensure you’ll find the perfect choice for your needs. Learn more about the Proton service as well as all the most recent and most advanced features on the Proton review.

What are the opinions of users about ProtonVPN APK?

ProtonVPN APK download

This is a genuine service. It is not necessary to subscribe for coverage however I chose to sign up to help their service. I’m more secure using this VPN and, in my opinion, it’s among the few excellent ones that are still available. There is no way to eliminate 100% cookies and trackers on your devices, but this has allowed me to decrease the number of cookies. Don’t be a fool, Google.

Pros: I appreciate that the privacy aspect, since I always have a free option! I also love that it is completely free! Cons: Internet connection is slow and some apps don’t behave or display communication issues frequently. The latest update has”disconnect” as the “disconnect” button on the main page , making it easy to press it accidentally (instead of hiding it behind an icon). I frequently see failure to connect errors appearing which say something like “you have too many devices connected, unable to connect unless you upgrade”.

What is ProtonVPN APK ?

Once you have that SSL certificate, start Proton VPN Premium APK Manager. ProtonVPN APK Manager and connect to the Internet. This is the moment to connect. You will receive an access code that you can enter on the VPN Manager Proton’s primary site. This is the usual password for the website therefore it is an excellent idea to remember the code. After that, all you have to do is open Spotify Batch Instance Spotify Batch Instance and watch as your Netflix application begins to run.


If you’re searching for a way to protect the security of your Android device and protect your data from being viewed by to the world, it’s time to install ProtonVPN APK is an essential application to install. It provides complete secure connection between your phone and the web service that you connect to, stopping data leakage , resulting in an unhindered network environment. It also has the latest technology to prevent any third party from observing your online activities or monitoring the activities of your browser without your consent. If you like browsing the Internet with no hiccups, this app is definitely worth trying.

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