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Snap Search APK free

Snap Search APK -is an secure browsing app that has the capability to completely hide all user activities. Because of this, your entire internet browsing experience is safe from interference of other devices. In this post, we’ll guide you through the amazing features this software offers.

App Name Snap Search
Publisher Snap Search – Incognito Private Search and Browser
Genre Premium version
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Update August 17, 2022

Anonymous browsing is among the most essential requirements for users today. The most popular browsers allow users to browse the internet anonymously using integrated features. However, this could result in users taking more time to complete multiple tasks simultaneously in order to browse without revealing their identity.

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Amazing features Snap Search APK

Snap Search APK download

Here are the most exciting features the app offers

Free incognito browsing

The main purpose for Snap Search APK Search is to make it possible for users to browse web pages completely in complete anonymity. It is unique in that it is not necessary to do anything to enable the incognito mode since this application will activate the feature automatically.
Furthermore, the addition of two different VPN Proxy and TOR modes can make your browsing more secure. Your browsing history is not recorded however, you must also be able to be cautious about websites that are dangerous. Additionally, this application does not ask for permissions for location or account like many popular web browsers of today.

Multi-faceted search engine

Snap Search APK can be an all-purpose search engine that lets users access any content available on the internet. The app can be used with search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Start Page, Bing, Ecosia, Mojeek, Yandex, and many more. Therefore, the content that is available through the app is essentially infinite to allow users to connect to numerous websites across the globe. Additionally to that, the search algorithm continue to improve to offer the most user-friendly experience.

Completely deactivate advertisements completely

It’s impossible for most users today. Because the majority of websites use ads to increase their profits. However, when you are using Snap Search APK, you will not see the display of any advertisements during your web browsing.
The most efficient algorithms used in this application remove all advertisements on the user’s interface to let users navigate more effectively. Additionally, the application includes the intelligent translation mode to support numerous languages throughout the globe. Whichever country you live in, you will be able to access foreign websites.

VPN mode to use the secret Browser

Utilize VPN mode to make connections to USA, UK, Canada or more to conceal your IP address – No one can track you – including your internet service provider, your network, or even the government!

TOR Browser for extra security

You can alter your personal browsing experience online , even browsing with the TOR mode.

No Affiliation

No sign-up or accounts ever, it’s a completely free private browser available to all!

Windows that float Windows

Search and browse websites quickly and videos, watch video or stream content. You can perform any other task while using other apps that have floating browsers for Android!

Incognito Keyboard

The keyboard does not remember or memorize your words, which allows for complete privacy for browsing.

Edit Websites

You are able to alter the content of every website you visit but remain hidden when you are in Super Incognito Mode.

Dark Mode

Explore any website using an elegant dark mode while preserving your privacy while remaining safe and secure in the incognito mode.

Reader Mode

Get rid of distractions and read your articles in peace, while still preserving private search and remaining safe and safe in the incognito mode.


With widgets available on your home screen, you can lock down your search within Incognito Mode in just 1 tap.

Translate Websites

he first time it is possible to translate websites using Android into over 100 languages supported. Securely browse the web in the language you prefer.

About Snap Search APK

Snap Search APK download for android

Snap Search APK is developed by Snap Search – Incognito Private Search and Browser and the most recent version Snap Search Incognito Browser 9.5 was released on the 10th of August 2022. Snap Search Incognito Browser falls under the categories of tools. It is possible to check out all the apps developed by the company behind Snap Search: Incognito Browser and also find 166 other apps for Snap Search: Incognito Browser on Android. This app is currently no cost. The app can be downloaded using Android 5.0+ Google Play. All APK downloads on are genuine and 100 100% safe, with a fast download.

. Manage downloads

The requirement to download files via the internet is becoming more popular in the present, Snap Search understands that. It is a multi-faceted simple, user-friendly and easy-to-control download manager. After downloading any file from the web, files are transferred to different storage areas. In the end, you can access files once the download has been completed or browse through previously downloaded files quickly. In addition, the program lets users change the name, convert them, and share the files whenever they want.

Create a widget to be displayed on the home screen

In addition to facilitating efficient internet browsing experience, Snap Search also allows users to interact directly with the main display quickly. In this area, you can design one or more shortcuts that will access the site you’re looking for immediately. Once you’ve done that, you must click on the site’s icon to open it up without having to navigate the internet from scratch. We believe that developing quick access software will save lots of time, but be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll want to cause a backfire.


Snap Search APK Search is a free private incognito web browser for Android that has everything you require in a tiny application. You’ll be completely safe because every time you quit the browser, all work you’ve done within the application will be deleted including cookies, history as well as sessions. Snap Search is in permanent incognito mode.

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