Avast Antivirus APK Mod v6.51.2

Avast Antivirus APK

Avast Antivirus APK – is among the most secure antivirus program available on mobile devices. It can be downloaded free of charge via Google Play or MOD at the end of this post. It’s the perfect solution to safeguard your device from attacks or theft. Additionally, it helps to speed up the speed of your device by getting rid of any unnecessary files. This is why Avast Antivirus is a must-have application for any Android phone.

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Update August 17, 2022

There are many issues that could arise from your use of the Internet including malware, viruses and ads. Thus, the need for a phone security tool is growing and beneficial for everyone. This is why we would like to present to you Avast Antivirus. Avast Antivirus APK application, a product from the publisher Avast Software.

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Features of Avast Antivirus APK

Avast Antivirus APK

The word “virus” is one that is familiar to anyone who uses electronic devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets and laptops, computers. It could be caused by applications downloaded from unidentified source, Internet web pages, advertisements, files, software and more. It can be extremely difficult for users to manage the entire sources of infection. However, this problem will be resolved today through Avast Antivirus. Avast Antivirus app.

Clear junk and increase the performance of the device

The information that isn’t being used but is still in memory can slow the speed of processing of the phone. However, users might not be aware about them or what to do about the problem. Through Avast Antivirus, it will instantly clear out any unneeded data, such as garbage files, gallery thumbnails and files, system caches and more. to clear memory. The phone will have free space for other tasks.

Personal information is kept confidential.

Alongside the antivirus features, Avast Antivirus APK also can protect phone information. Users can enable the mode to lock for private apps like Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other application. In addition, they can secure the photo library in which photos and videos you don’t wish anyone else to view. The library has lock options like PIN, pattern or fingerprint. This means that only you are able to unlock and gain access to the locks.

Anti-theft feature

The unique aspects included in Avast Antivirus are the Camera Trap and the Determined location feature. It will stealthily take pictures and even record the criminal if the phone is taken. If the user has access to the Cloud and can access the photos and videos anytime. Additionally, using the Anti-Thief function, the application will turn on the PIN code that will lock the device as well as the apps as well as the information stored in the device. So, no one can access any phone using your fingerprint or PIN.

Avast Antivirus APK

Avast Antivirus APK free

Avast Pro App You may learned from the name itself it is the premium version, which means that premium subscriptions are available in the. This means that you can access this mobile security application at no cost. It is a great tool to protect your Android device secure, which means that malware will never be able to infect your device. The malware will all be automated scans. Then , it will be eliminated so that your computer will be secure.
Avast pro apk an Android. The app, which enhances every option to protect the security of your device. This means you can secure the app, scan the image and increase the RAM of your device.


The application comes with an integrated VPN feature if users wish to browse websites without revealing their identity and do not wish to be identified. With it, users are able to join any VPN server to increase the speed of their internet, and also protect their data to keep them from being spotted by others. In addition, VPN also helps users access websites that have restricted or restricted access not being affected by bans or other factors.


Avast Antivirus APK provides absolute protection for your device and system, however, it also aids users in protecting important documents from the view of others. Its security is 100 and is able to be layered with various levels of protection, while users may make a few adjustments to ensure their security. The best part is that it will store the information within specific folders of the interface. Users have access only through the app.

Avast Antivirus APK capability to safeguard users from viruses as well as other strange activities is a guarantee and adaptable. It is also able to automate certain special processes in the system and continually check the new files for unusual activity, allowing you to ensure that the device is protected with complete peace of mind.

Other characteristics

In addition to the features mentioned above, Avast Antivirus app also owns several other features that are useful, like:
1. App Insights
It allows users to know the amount of time they spend using apps on their smartphones in the course of a day.
2. Wi-fi security
Verify the availability of public Wi-Fi sources to ensure you are connected to a secure network.
3. Remove Ads
Eliminate all advertisements while using Avast Antivirus app (Advanced version only)
4. Avast Direct Support
Speak to the app’s support staff for help with your issues during the use.

About Avast Antivirus APK

Avast Antivirus APK for android

It shields your device from malware and enhances efficiency in games and productivity. It also functions in the capacity of a Mobile Security and Cleaner of Viruses. Secure your device from cyber-criminals with it’s VPN or email virus checking services. It checks the application for viruses the moment you download it. We offer the Avast Antivirus APK full version on this page. This includes all premium features that are unlocked at no cost.

Antivirus Engine

It checks devices to detect Malware and viruses several times throughout the every day. It also alerts you when you download or install any file and finds something amiss that is not right.
Automatically blocks malicious websites or applications and monitors whether any of your passwords have been divulged or not.
It also offers great security when connecting to Wi-Fi networks that are public in it to ensure that all your data, including apps and browsing history are protected.

Junk Cleaner

It cleans out any unneeded and outdated data from your device in order to improve the performance of your device. Additionally, it checks the duplicate files and photos that you need to clear out space.

There’s no need to worry about the spread of viruses

With Avast Antivirus APK malware, antivirus or malware that hackers connect to certain websites will not be able penetrate your device. It provides a strong security system, which blocks and eliminates dangers that could cause trouble for your phone. You can then comfortably browse the internet and using other applications that are that are installed on your phones.
The app comes with an integrated smart scanner that scans every folder and file on the device for dangers such as junk and hidden files. Then, the alert will be displayed to the screen. You only need to click the Clean button to complete the task and clear memory on your device.

Make your phone faster

The memory becomes full and cause lacking storage space one of the reasons for slow running. The reason behind this is because RAM and RAM take up excessive space. They play the role of writing and reading data to allow applications to run, so when they are no longer capable of writing and reading data, it could result in crashes or slowdowns.

In the majority of cases apps still keep files in RAM even after you quit (aka in-built tasks) So if you wish for your device to run faster, you’ll need remove it. The process is simpler and easier than ever when you use Avast Antivirus app. Simply click on the Boost RAM link and the problem can be solved in only a few minutes.

Security when browsing the internet using a VPN

In the present, a large portion of the content that is available on the Internet is not accessible because it doesn’t conform to the cultural norms of certain countries or are not accessible to certain regions. Avast Antivirus APK has integrated VPN into their software and you are able to browse all the information you’d like to. Additionally, your browsing activity and logs are not recorded. IP address information and location information will be hidden to ensure privacy. You can be confident about the quality of the service, since Avast Software does not intend to offer poor service.

Guard personal data

If you’ve got some sensitive information like photos, videos that you do not want to be seen by anyone you can hide them by creating passwords using Photo Vault. If certain applications like Messenger, Messages, Facebook or WeChat contain personal information, and you don’t wish anyone to have access to the data without your permission, you can set an encryption password using an App Lock function. You’ve probably considered this before but not come up with the solution. Now, it’s fast and easy to utilize.

The last thing anyone hopes to happen is your phone has been stolen. Personal information can upload to social media and erased, or even stolen to serve malicious purposes. Avast Antivirus APK has been developed with an additional anti-theft feature to prevent loss. It is possible to set the settings under the Anti-Thief area to automatically enable the PIN code that locks this gadget (cannot use until the right PIN code has been entered) Also, you can lock the changes to the SIM and then turn on the Lost feature. When the volume is increased to the maximum and the buzzer will continue to sound and the camera is set to automatically snap pictures of the criminal. If you’re using Cloud and you have connected before, you will be able to connect to your Cloud and download Media documents, including pictures and videos.


Avast Antivirus APK download

If the user intends to upload a file it will secure every step until they have completed the process. This is a very useful feature when you are accessing the internet through public channels to prevent hacking incidents and also helping users secure various other kinds of files stored on their device. Also, encryption is essential and can provide individuals complete security regardless of where the internet connection is.


Web pages are also a great way to attack users, which is why Avast Antivirus APK will have a strong shield to guard users from threats that appear on a browser’s web page. This feature can check all content available on the site and alert users before allowing access to the site. Additionally, it scans the entire file prior to being downloaded, securing the device from different actions


The Avast Antivirus APK is among the main issues Android users are most concerned about when using the Internet. Today, websites frequently include ads , and sometimes even malicious code that can cause harm to Android devices. If they are not careful, they could render the device unable to function properly. Battery drains faster and data charges increase in a way that is unusually processing tasks get sluggish in a sign of identity or even your personal information is stolen. If you don’t want to become one of the unfortunate victims, it is essential to be prepared before such threats happen or occur. Avast Antivirus app is the tool to fix this issue. According to research Avast Antivirus app has more than 100 million active users. It’s likely that you won’t want to be a part of it!

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