Email Aqua Mail APK Mod v1.38.0 [Pro Unlocked] For Android

Email Aqua Mail APK download

Email Aqua Mail APK– will make your search and aggregation more efficient than ever. This application is linked to numerous sources, which allows you to access hundreds of emails per day without having to switch between several applications. Let’s first learn the details about this program.

App Name Email Aqua Mail
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Update August 17, 2022

Controlling your personal email is not an easy job for anyone. Everyday, you receive numerous emails from a variety of sources that are sent through your email account. This is why you require an effective email management application to help you manage your emails. Email Aqua Mail is a excellent illustration. It is an application that collects emails from various sources and combines them into one location.

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Important features of Email Aqua Mail APK

Email Aqua Mail APK download

  • Smart folders – combine all messages from multiple accounts and arrange them according to type and time or date. Decide which messages components including the name of the folder and account that should be displayed.
  • Contacts, as well as Calendar sync for Exchange as well as Office 365 – compatible with any Calendar app or widget.
  • Smart Folder preview Text counter, Message counter for voice and quick Write are all widgets on your home screen that let you quickly look over your most important email messages.
  • Android Wear Smartwatch integration lets you respond to and read emails on the wrist.
  • Emails can save as PDF file, or printed right away by phone.
  • Signatures that can be multiple – Add an additional signature to every email account (including images, links and HTML signatures, text formatting).
  • Backup and restore your settings with a backup document or the most popular cloud service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.
  • Weekend and night mode are among alternatives to conserve battery.

Why should we aggregate all the emails in one place?

Email is the most popular and powerful online communication tool today. But the modern world always comes with many unpredictable situations.
There are many common mistakes when creating and using an email address. Sometimes it comes from the owner’s inadvertence or sometimes careless errors in the manipulation process. Let’s see a few situations I have faced:

  •  Created a mailbox on Yahoo a long time ago and then used it for quite a few accounts on social networking sites. Suddenly, no one uses Yahoo anymore, so what should I do?
  •  There is an email box that has not been used for a long time. But I used this email for the personal information stored at the bank or hospital. Every time I want to receive a notification from the bank or hospital, I can’t do anything because I forgot the password of the email box.
  •  I use an email for work, another email for personal expenses, and another for social media. So how could I do it if at the same time every day, I have to check in three or four mailboxes just to see if there are any new messages?
    And 1001 other tragic situations… But you also know how painful it is if every time you find your old email address, you get “rejected” because you used the wrong password. So bad, right?

So, one app which can gather all the emails will be a great solution for you. You don’t have to remember too many usernames and passwords anymore. That app is Email Aqua Mail.

What’s outstanding about Email Aqua Mail APK

The first point I have to mention is that it can gather a lot of email addresses even from old sources such as Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange… No need to set up anything complicated. Just try to remember the username and password of each mailbox, just one more time, and enter. So, we have a common home for all types of mail from all times magically and systematically.

This email managing app also has a lot of flexible features that satisfy any need. Like editing draft emails with tools for bold, italic, underline, font correction, color… More advanced are functions to create, delete signatures in outgoing emails, block ads, backup, and restore in Cloud services…
In addition, Email Aqua Mail APK also has a widget, which can notify new emails received right on the main screen of the phone. It also supports rare apps like launchers, and even , and a bunch of other popular apps on smartphones and tablets.

About Email Aqua Mail APK

Email Aqua Mail APK for android

The information contained in an email address has a significant impact on their the way they work and study. It lets us to constantly exchange information or contact people around us in the most efficient and current method. In certain situations it is necessary to set up several different accounts for mail to differentiate between the categories of use that is reasonable. This is to test Email Aqua Mail. It will allow you to in a thorough manner to manage and understand all of your accounts. Every user will have a distinct method of managing. It is important to make it work according to your specific needs to ensure the highest performance.

The information was gathered from a variety of sources.

The other unique feature of Email Aqua Mail APK is the capability to combine multiple email addresses from various sources. You can discover excellent sources from the past to current times, such as Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and many more. All users have to do is to make use of their account’s password to sign in immediately and once for all.
After successful login the email types will connect to this application, allowing you to manage easily. Additionally the sheer number of mail accounts which could be added to this program is nearly limitless. If you wish to make use of its inbuilt Smart Folder feature to make it simpler to customize each mailbox to meet your requirements.

Integrate many features into email with flexibility

In addition to allowing the aggregation of email addresses from a variety of different sources. Email Aqua Mail also lets users utilize other features that are flexible. For instance, you could modify or re-email others with the help of the tools provided. This includes bold editing fonts, colors signatures, italics and backups, as well as ad blocking and much more. In the end, this program functions an editor for text which allows users to change the style and content of emails to suit their needs.

Premium security

When it comes to email, security concerns receive the most focus from users. However, when you use Email Aqua Mail, you are guaranteed this because the app is equipped with the most secure security protocols currently available. In general, you can enable security using fingerprints and pins as well as use encryption from end to end and set restrictions on internet access and much more.
Furthermore, this program will also allow you to restore and backup emails to today’s top cloud-based services, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box as well as Google Drive. This means that nobody can access unauthorized data on your email with this program.

Simple interface, lots of options

Email Aqua Mail APK offers a easy, lightweight interface that has beautiful colors that will make you feel at ease immediately upon first use. The majority of the content of the application revolves around user’s usage and interaction with email. This means that you are able to examine the data in the email more easily and swiftly than you ever have before.
Furthermore, you are able to modify the interface to suit your preferences with a simple click. If you’ve had experience with mail applications before, it should take you a while to become familiar with Email Aqua Mail.


Email Aqua Mail APK free

Email Aqua Mail APK will assist and assist users in keeping their private data secure. It is possible to say that in any application privacy is a crucial and essential aspect. This is why this program is here to help and ensure that all information or data that is within your email is completely private. Furthermore, it alters the gun to provide users with the most advanced encryption protocols. In particular, news folders or files that nobody is able to access without your permission because they are protected by a password that requires some careful authentication steps in order to access it.


With Email Aqua Mail app, it will be easier and easy for you to carefully manage and comprehend every message that comes into your account, and also reduce the amount of time. Every user will benefit from exceptional management abilities, which is why you must be able to set up and allow yourself to manage every message in the most efficient method! You are completely at liberty to alter the layout and arrange them however you’d like, as you like, as long as it fits your personal preferences.


The company behind Email Aqua Mail APK has given users a simple and easy interface that has two or three colors, which primarily convey the principal information. Users will be able to view and understand every detail more quickly and clearly than they have ever. Additionally, you can alter them using a couple of simple swipes, particularly since it’s easy to pick all the relevant information and then send it to the recipient with just a single click. This can save you a lot of time and effort.


In Email Aqua Mail, you can modify and select your text to ensure that it is a font that is suitable that is large, clear and easy to read. Additionally, you can choose to make the text to have a pleasing appearance and color that is the most attractive. Based on the individual’s style and creativity, you are allowed to select and match the color to complete the text and impress a lot of people.


Email Aqua Mail APK Fast Secure is an ingenuous and highly secure program to manage email accounts. If you need to manage the information contained in emails carefully and in a clear manner then this is the ideal software for you. This application gives you the possibility to link and connect emails quickly and extremely reliably. Don’t hesitate to test its utility and beauty immediately.

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