AdGuard VPN APK Mod v2.1.52 [Premium Unlocked] for Android

AdGuard VPN APK download

AdGuard VPN APK– publisher is well-known for its the ability to block ads on computers. More recently, they launched the AdGuard VPN app utility with many beneficial features. The app is still able to provide the essential features associated with VPN as well as the protection of privacy of users. Come join us to discover it now.

App Name AdGuard
Publisher AdGuard Software Limited
Genre Premium version
Latest Version
MOD Info
Premium Unlocked
Price Free
Get it On AdGuard VPN APK free
Update August 15, 2022

AdGuard mod VPN is a free extension created by AdGuard that lets you connect unlimited bandwidth of a virtual private network to over 20 locations around the world. This program will guarantee VPN connectivity on every device, and protect your privacy, hide IP addresses, and allow access to websites that are restricted. This app is optimized for VPN speed and speed that is unlimited and is comparable to the majority of the other ad-blocking applications by this developer.

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Features of AdGuard VPN APK

AdGuard VPN APK download

There are many VPN applications available at present and AdGuard VPN APK is likely to face plenty of competition from rivals. The most notable benefit over other VPN tools is its improved VPN app  connection speed as well as unlimited access traffic and a good connection with ad blockers made by AdGuard. Apart from that, all the other characteristics that the VPN application needs to include are completely covered by this program.
Most of the time, it is increased privacy security (data encryption and hiding your IP address) and unblocking websites, or content restricted geographically by avoiding targeted ads and hiding your location. as well as other data regarding your. Because it is developed by the well-known AdGuard Publisher, users will be sure of the information the app will bring to the process of using it.

Operating a variety of servers

AdGuard VPN APK for android

AdGuard VPN APK owns a relatively vast server network that includes over 20 servers spread across various countries. The first time you connect the app, it will automatically find the nearest server for the user according to the IP address of the device. This keeps your connection speed as high as it can be. When compared to the most popular VPN applications such as Turbo VPN, the number of AdGuard VPN approvers will be lower, but the quality of the internet connection is not at all inferior.

 Stable and fast

When it comes to an VPN application its speed of connection is the thing that people are most concerned about. It is a good thing that AdGuard VPN APK provides users a quick and steady connection speed while using the internet.

Internet access for anonymous users

While you’re connected to the internet, the majority of your personal information will need to pass via the router. This poses a risk of losing important user information. However, with the application, all data regarding users will be encrypted to guarantee absolute security.

Two VPN modes are available.

AdGuard VPN APK gives users two VPN options from the very first use. Each VPN mode comes with its own attributes and functions, therefore you can select the one that best suits your preferences.
Additionally to this, there are numerous appealing features of this application that we are unable to describe in a single piece. Try downloading the application onto your device to enjoy the appealing features it provides.

Simple interface

If you’re a fan of design simplicity AdGuard VPN app is sure to satisfy your needs effortlessly. Even if you’re an inexperienced user and want to learn how to use the application swiftly. The process of creating the interface is simplified and reduced much to ensure that users to master it quickly. After login the application will take people to the primary interface. This is where the application will start working completely.

About AdGuard VPN APK

AdGuard VPN APK free

The reliability and long-term commitment of AdGuard VPN’s position in the market is something that customers must acknowledge. The program should be regarded as reliable and dependable, with a long-lasting life span and frequent updates. In all the years it’s still an effective layer of protection that blocks harmful advertisements and shields devices from any threat. Millions of people have it, which is the reason we’re pushing it to the next level!


The development of the exclusive VPN protocol has resulted in an untraceable space that permits the device to travel anywhere without being noticed. The perfect camouflage has been created which makes it difficult for your adversaries to restrict your access. Accessing the website without keycards or access rights is the most secure way to access the site.


The interface that AdGuard VPN app uses is AdGuard VPN mod it will have the virtual key that allows you to create a separate list of websites you don’t want to be a part of. The user must choose a website through clicking the name and then moving them to the section for exclusions. Your workspace and entertainment won’t be affected by them any longer!


The location of coverage for the device is global since the servers are linked to one another without restrictions on policy. Connecting information sources will be more efficient in the event of a compatible application. The server can provide several options to give you the best experience. the menu will be in front of it, to facilitate the control procedure.


The main reason behind AdGuard VPN APK to build this secure platform is to guard data for servers as well as the online logs of users. The IP address will not be revealed or exchanged. The data of the user will be protected by the use of a password. But, you are able to browse the internet and shop like you normally. The networks that are connected to the device are not listed as objects that are allowed This is the most secure security feature!



AdGuard VPN APK is accessible across more than 35 nations, and is now praised for its policies that are geared towards customers. The responsibility of protecting information about users and giving them a route to gain access to the internet will be a priority in the coming years. With a support switchboard available anytime and anywhere technical issues can be dealt with in the most efficient method. Comment and share your thoughts about the app below and we’ll be able to solve any issues you have!


AdGuard VPN APK maximizes the user’s activity on the device and provides a the security you need with a solid layer. From strict guidelines on security of personal data We create the most reliable device for your needs. Your identity of your IP will disappear once the application has been set up and running. Nobody will be able to trace your IP address on the websites you’ve went to this is the best thing. Policies restrictions will be removed and you will be able to enjoy fully!

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