Call of Duty Mobile APK Mod v1.0.34 (Mod Menu) For Android

Call of Duty Mobile APK download

Call of Duty Mobile APK-It is a game that absolutely does not require an introduction. Call of Duty is the most popular wargame series ever created and has racked up hundreds of millions of players during the past decade. From the first Call of Duty: Finest Hour which lets you defend Stalingrad in the face of German forces and the latest Call of Duty:

 Name Call of Duty Mobile
Developer Activision Publishing, Inc.
Category Action
97.85 Mb
Latest Version
MOD Info
Mod Menu
Price Free
Get it On Call of Duty
Update August 19, 2022

Modern Warfare that is a rebranding for the series, and moves this game into a darker and realistic view of war. Call of Duty has won its place within the heart of many gamers. From battle royale to zombies and everything in between The series has, at times been enjoyed by gamers all over the world. The game is now available for mobile users to play. This is the best Call of Duty experience optimized for handheld devices. The game includes maps, game modes along with characters that were originally featured on console games packed into one giant ball to make you feel like a pro.

Call of Duty Mobile APK Features

Call of Duty Mobile APK download

You must then Download only the MOD version of the Original Game. The Modded App has more sophisticated than Original. All the features of The Call of Duty Mobile APK are superior to those in the Call of Duty APK which can hinder your enjoyment of the game. If you’re looking to boost your game performance over other players, then download the Cracked Call of Duty APK.

Unlocked All Characters

COD Mobile has a lot of characters to select and then start the game. In the Play store version, only a handful of characters are available for unlocking, while the rest are locked. You must pay for unlocking the character you like. However, with Call of Duty MOD app you will unlock all characters that are already locked as it’s the Mod version.


Call of Duty Mobile APK 2

In the Call of Duty mobile mod menu, you can also avail the option of Aimbot. The feature will focus on your foes and help you to win the game. When you win, your rank will rise and you will also earn CP.

All Weapons Unlocked

As you may have guessed, this is an action-based game. There are a variety of guns as well as different kinds of weapons. In COD you can get a few weapons for free but certain weapons require purchase. In COD Mobile MOD APK you don’t need to purchase anything. You will discover all weapons and guns for free.

Auto Reload

It is known that only a few bullets can be loaded at a time , according to guns. In this scenario when your adversary is trying to kill you, and the bullet inside your gun is not able to finish, it will easily kill you and you’ll be out of the fight. However, if you use the aid from Call of Duty Hacked APK the gun will reload and allow you to take out your adversaries without having to spend the time.

Unlimited Money

Call of Duty Mobile APK 3

This is the most important aspect of this cracked application since every player wants unlimited cash for free. It is possible to use the money to purchase items in the game. While, everything paid for is no cost and is unlocked however, if you want skins or other items then you can make use of the money to purchase it.

There are many great aspects of the game. This game is more enjoyable than the traditional game. There are many more features, such as Outfits, Clan Prize etc. are included in the game. If you have these characteristics of playing the game, it’s better. So, we’ve provided an overview of the features. Now, you can read about the download and installation process.

Every day, thousands of players look for cracked versions on the Internet to download Call of Duty Mobile APK. However, due to the fact that they aren’t able to access the correct website that allows you to download the COD Mobile MOD APK.
However, you don’t need to fret because you’re located on Divya Net which is where millions players are able for download MOD Games and APKs. If you’d like to play the game with no any issues, be sure to follow these steps.

Game modes that are packed with excitement

Call of Duty Mobile APK 4

The most impressive feature of the game is that it offers different game modes. Activision have ensured that all of the most popular game modes are included in the game, so you’re completely spoiled for choices.

Zombie:You were probably wondering about this, didn’t you? It’s true the Call of Duty Mobile apk includes zombie mode. There’s no chance to play your favorite villains like the German zombies of the past, but you’ll still get the most impressive blood-thirsty zombies. You can make use of all the modern guns or melee guns to knock away the brainless enemies before they tear you to pieces. Have fun.

Battle royale Call of Duty was slow to embrace battle royale than some other games, however they have taken the initiative here. Call of Duty Mobile features an option for battle royale that allows more than 100 gamers in each game. The game will take you to the map from a spot you prefer, armed up and ready to crush the competition to take the lead. This is a good battle royale mode that every Fortnite or PUBG fan will be satisfied with.

Teams Deathmatch Obviously there wouldn’t even be Call of Duty without the classic multiplayer deathmatch between teams. The mode is a game that pits two teams comprising five players against each another to battle for a predetermined duration of time. It also lets you explore different death match options, including taking the flag, domination,and many more.

Sniper vs. Sniper:This awesome game mode allows you to utilize your surroundings to disguise your movements, and then utilize stealth to defeat the other Sniper. It’s akin to Enemy at the Gates but on mobile. This is among the most sluggish and nastier modes of Call of Duty Mobile APK Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile arsenal and is one that any player who enjoys combat with snipers will enjoy. It’s all about patience.

Familiar faces

There’s a lot you’ll be familiar with in this game. For starters you’ll find familiar characters that you’ve seen in the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games. Think Captain Price and the rest. However, this isn’t the only thing you’re familiar with. Activision are aware that their fans are incredibly passionate for maps from games like Nuketown and Nuketown, so they’ve ensured that they include many of the iconic maps from earlier Call of Duty games.

Graphics for consoles

A single of the immediately noticeable aspects of Call of Duty Mobile apk is the graphics. Activision has taken the effort to make sure it’s graphics up to par with the previous generation console graphics. Also they’re pretty similar to what when they first came out at conclusion of the PS2 time period, and also at the start of the PS3 time period. This is quite remarkable for a mobile game and illustrates how far we’ve gotten in the past decade.

Multiplayer competition

Call of Duty Mobile APK 5

The game is the epitome of mobile gaming multiplayer. If you’re seeking to compete against players around the globe you’ll find that Call of Duty Mobile is the best choice. It is played by millions all over the world and is accessible for download. It is possible to purchase extra features as well as battle tickets while you play the game however the base version will not cost you a cent.

Call of Duty Mobile APK Menu

Download the Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK that has unlimited Cp , unlimited cod points and unlimited everything that unlocks additional weapons and options. Enjoy your game more by modifying the menu. You can download it for free and enjoy. Take a look today.

More information about Call of Duty Mobile APK

The most sought-after FPS smartphone game in the past century Call of Duty: Mobile is now available due to gaming. The graphics in this shooting game are stunning and the touch controls are extremely easy to grasp and use. Shooting and moving feel is excellent even on older smartphones with access to a variety of secondary weapons and features. There’s even an “Simple” mode, in which the weapon fires automatically when it is pointed at the enemies. Hit the download button above to begin the fight.


Fans of Call of Duty Mobile APK will appreciate the fact that Activision has joined forces to create the well-known Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps, while also converting the keyboard/mouse experience to control with a touchscreen. The mobile game online is the same game with the same flow and shooting experience that you get from the PC and console versions. The game offers similar modes including death match for teams, Domination, and the Gun Game mode where you are attempting to be the very first to get one kill with twenty different guns.


We have provided all the details about Call of Duty Mobile APK here. I hope that you enjoyed this article about COD MOD APK that was written by us. If you do, you are able to download the game to your phone. In addition, we have attempted to explain everything you need to know in a short amount of words If there’s any problem, please let us know and we’ll respond to your inquiry.

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