Zombie Tsunami APK Mod v4.5.116 (All Unlocked, Unlimited Money) For Android

Zombie Tsunami APK for android

Zombie Tsunami APK– is a casual game developed through Mobigame S.A.R.L. It is an incredible game that has become a must for smartphones today.The game lets you step playing the role of zombies and perform the tasks they enjoy doing. Zombies love killing and turning all human beings into zombies.

 Name Zombie Tsunami APK
Developer Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Category Arcade
Latest Version
MOD Info
All Unlocked, Unlimited Money
Price Free
Get it On Zombie Tsunami APK
Update August 19, 2022

For Zombie Tsunami, you will be required to think like the zombie. Strangely, zombies are unable to think, making this game extremely simple.In this game you’ll go on a destruction spree, destroying every thing you see. Also, you’ll eat everything you meet and transform all of the universe into zombies.

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Fantastic Features of Zombie Tsunami APK

Zombie Tsunami APK1

  • The game has been a huge success due to the huge number of players that it have already won. Zombie Tsunami is an easy game to play and is an ideal game for players of all ages. It is not necessary to be an expert to play the game as zombies are easy to manage.
  • The game has more than 100 difficulty levels. this will ensure that players don’t get bored when playing. Be assured that you won’t get bored and take pleasure in every minute that you play.
  • Zombie Tsunami is not restricted to only human characters. It is possible to raise zombie birds that will help you transform more people into zombies.
  • There are a variety of upgrades that you can unlock as you progress through the game. The capacity to turn more people into zombies and improve your skills will improve with each game you take part in.
  • The amount of entertainment provided by every game is at a different level, particularly when playing with your other players.
  • There are many bonus features which have been added to the game to provide an extra thrill for players. There are bonuses like ninjas, around ten different kinds of UFOs, and much more.
  • Zombie Tsunami is not like any other game you’ve played previously. These features highlight how incredible this game truly is.

Realistic graphics and sound

A realistic sound and graphics effect are utilized to create this gaming experience. This ensures that gamers get an experience feel immersive and enjoyable. The images and hearing the music alone will keep you playing for hours.
Zombie Tsunami APK Free – All Unlocked, Unlimited Money & Gems
Download the modified version of the game to benefit from more features that you won’t get in the base version. With the updated version, you’ll have unlimited access to gold as well as diamonds. This makes it possible to buy any item you want and perform the necessary modifications.

 Unlimited money

Zombie Tsunami APK6

Zombie Tsunami Mod APP unlock the most recent version is an awesome and exciting game. Download the most current version to enhance the gaming to the next level.

What’s more is in Zombie Tsunami APK?

Zombie Tsunami APK2

If you’d opted to the base version of the app you wouldn’t have had any advantage. If you choose to use the mod Apk, you will gain an advantage that will give you an edge game against other players. Zombie Tsunami APK offers the benefit of having unlimited gold, which can be traded for valuable products from the stores in the course of play. This feature makes shopping fun without worrying about the cost. This makes it an ideal option.

Engaging Gameplay

The main thing that is common to other Zombies games is you’re the heroand will be battling zombies. You’ll get to see the different perspective with this game. You’ll also be the one who destroys rather than the protagonist on this particular game.

Zombie Tsunami can transform the person you are into and then you’ll infest cities and towns. The goal is to destroy everything you can see, and then transform all of humanity into zombies and wipe out humanity.

About Zombie Zombie Tsunami APK Unlimited Money & Diamond

Zombie Tsunami APK3

Zombie Tsunami Mod APP unlock All Birds is a MOD version of Zombie Tsunami. It includes added features that aren’t present within the game’s original version. Zombie Tsunami was released in 2022 by ” Mobigame”. The game was then ported to mobile phones in a short period of. So, a variety of organizations have created a brand different version. To ensure that it has everything Zombie Tsunami MOD APK Unlocked Fans want in.

You can access all the latest coins and bonus coins, and access a an exclusive Mod Menu. Additionally, you can play Zombie Tsunami MOD APP All Zomibirds Unlocked lets you choose the most suitable. Additionally, you can unlock new characters and enjoy more upgrades and customization options. Alongside unlocking 300 new missions to ensure you do not feel resentful about doing the same tasks. In addition, you can build an army of powerful monsters and include the most zombies you can to your collection.

Zombie Tsunami APK4
Also, you can explore 11 new locations as well as earn unlimited diamonds. Alongside, new kinds of mods, such as balloons, ninjas, and mecha. Additionally, you can make use of different types of vehicles, trash bins buses, automobiles. Additionally, you can earn unlimited coins, money, and unlimited gold as the basic features of the updated versions that the game.


You can now download Zombie Tsunami APK to unlock All Birdes the most current version available for Android. Additionally, you can play 300 brand new missions that are available to play. In addition, you can unlock additional characters, and unlock all the birds. You will also be able to play Zombie Tsunami APK, which allows unlimited coins, money as well as gold and gems. In addition, you will be able to upgrade to unlock more zombies using stunning HD quality graphics. Additionally, we showed you steps to downloading the upgraded version , and also show all the latest features and information.

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