Shadow Fight 2 APK Mod v2.21.0 (Unlimited Everything and Max Level)

Shadow Fight 2 APK download

Shadow Fight 2 APK-Combat games are very popular, especially within the gaming world for mobile devices. They are thrilling, fast and ideally suited for phones with mobiles. This is why there are a lot of mobile fighting games the past. If you’re a huge fan of this type of game, you’ll absolutely love this game!

 Name Shadow Fight 2 
Developer NEKKI
Category Action
147 Mb
Latest Version
MOD Info
Unlimited Everything and Max Level
Price Free
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Update August 19, 2022

Shadow Fight 2 is a product from NEKKI with more than 100 million installations in the Google Play Store! It is a sequel to the game’s success that has taken the world by storm. the midst of a storm! The thing that makes this game distinctive is the fact that all characters are simply shadows. However, the game is based on sophisticated and realistic physics as well as graphics that allow you to execute amazing moves. Apart from that you will find a wealth of options to unlock!

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What exactly is Shadow Fight 2 APK?

Shadow Fight 2 APK download

The mobile market is full with games that fight of every size. There are some that only have fighting as a tiny part, and others that concentrate on this aspect of the game a lot. Whatever that is played it is, we can all acknowledge combat games can be among the most fun to enjoy!

A very well-known fighting games of the moment are Shadow Fight 2.

It is without doubt among the top thrilling combat games on the market today, featuring many enemies to destroy as well as weapons to collect, and techniques to master! While you’re only able to be able to play with shadows as characters The developers did an excellent job of making the action scenes appear in the most enjoyable way that they could! You’ll be impressed by the fighting as well as the characters.

Highlights from Shadow Fight 2 APK

Shadow Fight 2 APK2

Shadow Fight 2 APK is a unique game that makes use of shadows to create characters that battle against one another! Take on new terrains, battle numerous opponents and collect weapons! Here are the main features:
Story HTML0 Story Martial arts is a huge hit all over the globe. Most people are aware of it, and it’s included in many mobile games. The effect makes all things look and feels amazing. The most popular series to till date has been Shadow Fight 2. In this game you will be fighting stronger characters across different worlds! There are 6 distinct realms to conquer which increase in difficulty slowly! In this your more wins, better rewards you’ll earn. Be wary of your adversaries but they’re masters of their own!

Epic weapons The Epic weapons Another factor that has gamers roar is the weapons!

There are many options to pick from, including the bat, scepter blades, knives, nun Chucks, and other weapons! Each weapon is different and comes with distinct strengths and weaknesses. You are free to choose any weapon you wish so long as you are able to purchase it. The more better your weapon is, the more likely it will be to take on your opponents! You can also increase the stats of your weapon to make it stronger!


Intelligent graphics What really sets this game apart from other fighting games that are mediocre is the realistic graphics and physics! It lets you concentrate on the fight instead of the extravagant characters. In this game, you’ll be amazed by the work the game’s creators have put into making this game a thrilling game. Make amazing combos, use swords, and take down your opponent with fashion!

Immersive controls In this case the controls are quite simple.

There is a move pad to the left, and the other controls to the right. You can kick, punch or jump, throw shuriken and do magic tricks! Multiplayer HTML0 Multiplayer Another amazing feature of this game is the capability to compete against other players around the world! Here, you’ll compete with similar-ranked opponents to earn benefits! Get on the leaderboards and prove yourself as the most powerful shadow.

What exactly is Shadow Fight 2 APK?

Shadow Fight 2 APK3

Shadow Fight 2 APK is an action game inspired by a samurai, with a fighting style who likes to beat his adversaries. He is a target for enemies across the globe, so one of his responsibilities is to move from one location to another to defeat them. He continues to travel and defeats every enemy one at a time.

There are a variety of powerful weapons available to you to take on your opponents as the primary character. In the end, there’s an array of options within this game which will leave you amazed. The modified version of the game includes a lot of additional features that you must explore.

What exactly is Shadow Fight 2 APK?

Shadow Shadow Fight 2 APK is an enhanced and upgraded version of the app which offers all premium features without the need to purchase in-app purchases. This is the most beneficial option for people who do not wish to pay for the ability to unlock new weapons and items. This version gives you two hours of pleasure and excitement, therefore you must give it a try.

How do I find the Max Level in Shadow Fight 2?

The highest level of Shadow Fight 2 is level 52.Players have the aim of reaching this level and then completing it to earn more benefits.

How many MB are in Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that Shadow Fight 2 APK is 145.8 Megabytes, which is sufficient for mobile phones running a fairly recent Android version. If you’re running this type of Android version, then you’ll be able play the game with ease.

Who is the Boss from Shadow Fight 2?

The final boss in Shadow Fight 2 is Titan which is the most difficult in the game. You’ll need additional skills , and obviously powerful weapons to take on this monster.

What is the best weapon to take on Titan?

Flame Clubs is the best weapon for defeating Titan. But Sickles and Claws are also included in the game to take out Titan effectively. You can test these, along with a variety of other weapons to take down Titan in a flash.

The features that are part of Shadow Fight 2 APK

Shadow Fight 2 APK4

There are some Features of this Game

Beating 6 Worlds

There are six worlds available for you to take them down. You are able to travel to various locations in which your adversaries are. They can be fought and take them down to take on each stage. Thus, many worlds are waiting to help you win this game by making use of a variety of weapons.

Perfect Controls

The game is perfect and has the most user-friendly control. You are able to easily sprint, jump, or punch somebody. Whatever way you wish to move it will give you with the option, and you will be able to do that physical movement quickly by using the controls. This is why the game is extremely effective and guarantees the ease of play for players.

Outstanding Weapons

There are a variety of powerful weapons employed to take on bosses and take on anyone who you encounter. You only need to know how to utilize these weapons properly and all your foes will be in defeat, beaten by you.

Epic Customization

Shadow Fight 2 APK5

It is possible to customize in the game in all cases. If you wish to alter the look of your character, your surroundings or even anything else in the game, you’re able to change it.

Highest Quality Graphics

The graphics of the game are of highest quality. You’ll be able to enjoy this game because it displays the most stunning display that is captivating enough to capture your interest.

Unlocking the highest level

All levels in the game are available to players. If you are a player who is eager to play through all levels and wish to get to the next stage quickly This feature is designed for players like them. You can experience the most levels of this game without waiting around and beat them all.

No In-app Purchases

In-app purchases are not required for this game. The game comes with all essential elements free of charge, meaning you will not need to pay a dime to purchase the additional features which could cost some players an arm and a leg.


The game also comes with an anti-ban feature which is an excellent feature. You can play the game without the risk of being blocked by game’s creators. That’s the reason this game is so enjoyable and you are able to play it without worrying about being banned on the next day.


Shadow Fight 2 APK is a highly recommended application for those who are a fan of these types of games. The game isn’t based on any new idea, but it’s definitely innovative in the sense of quality and features that are offered. Its gameplay can be described as effective as you’ll find and is worth downloading. Download the game today from our website and get started playing.

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