Episode APK Mod v23.11 (Unlimited gems and passes)For Android

Episode APK for android

Episode APK  -There aren’t many gaming options out on the market that allow you to build your own personal life tale and be able to live it to your fullest satisfaction. This is where Episode comes in. It lets you make your individual avatar and then get involved in various stories of romance, drama and stories that test your ability to find love and fight opponents.

Name Episode
Developer Raidenbit
Category Simulation
66.18 Mb
Latest Version
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Unlimited gems and passes
Price Free
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Update August 19, 2022

The game is filled with hundreds of possible endings and the stories have been read by billions of people and is the most popular fantasy romance game available online currently. In addition to engaging in interactive romance stories, you can also create and publish your own work and let millions of people enjoy your stories – maybe you’ll discover an undiscovered talent you didn’t even know you were born with.

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How do I play Episode APK?

Episode APK download

The basic game is one thing however, The Episode Select Your Episode APK takes it to a totally different level. You begin your adventure by customizing your avatar using one of the hundreds of pre-designed outfits, hairs or makeup options which the developers have laid up for you. Then, you can select from the 150,000 thrilling stories written by the creme of Young Adult writers. They’ll make you cry, laugh, blush, and linger. According to them, they will make you blush, cry, and laugh.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate story You’ll be given the avatar (who can be given a name by you, of course) to build relationships with the characters that are introduced. Episode Choose Your Episode APK allows you to have complete control in the direction you would like your stories to take and you’ll be able to choose from endless possibilities laid out in plain terms for you to decide. You are able to choose whom you’ll be friends with who you can share everything with and who will be your love whom you hope to see in the future with and who is your most fervent adversary or rival All of this will allow your story to progress in the most innovative ways. You’ll be able to alter your destiny throughout your life, which could be like being the true master of your life (which you already are, don’t you?

What Episode APK do you have?

Episode APK 2

Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk finally released We’ve scoured the internet for the most popular stories that the platform has offered its users. It was difficult to decide (due to the fact that there were so many) We decided to pick some of the fan favorites that instantly grabbed our attention:


Love on Fire Imagine Love Island or Big Brother, think every charming little American reality show that has captured our attention throughout its run. This is Love on Fire but this time, you’re allowed to experience the most extravagant dreams as well as needs and desires of your character. The competition in the dating game doesn’t leave anything in the hands of chance and your character is determined to test everything. This is probably the most popular story of the year.

Rulebreaker We encounter a story in the same time. The Bible was full of references to this, Greek tragedies were based on it, and the modern culture certainly gained a significant enjoyment from studying it. This is about forbidden love, and an even more intense affair is loving someone you’re prohibited from. We won’t go into more detail discussing it However, you should try it out in case you enjoy forbidden fruit.

Famous Stories – There were a lot to choose from this category, however we were told that two of the famous fan-favorites that are central to the collection include Pretty Little Liars as well as Demi Lovato The Path towards Fame. What’s the reason you should miss out on the chance to live the dreams of your favorite stars?
Dramatic stories with a twist for girls

Episode lets you be a part of an original story created by a different participant in the community. It lets you alter the outcome according to the decisions you make. There are thousands of stories you can choose from, though certain stories are more well-known than others.

The most loved Episode APK include

Episode APK 3

Love LIFE It is set amid the bright lights in New York City, LOVE LIFE is a novel in which you make friends and plan to navigate the world of dating in NYC. You can make the decisions and decide which one you’ll be with There’s plenty of drama throughout the course of the story. This is an excellent tale to start off with as it will give you a clear impression of the kind of game it about. It also may teach you a thing or two about love and dating.

The Kiss List: Set in Kentworth Academy, your task is to continue your streak of dominating high school by kissing the top ten singles at the school. Do you have the ability to pull off this feat? Engage, flirt, and secure your spot as an academic for the future generation to be awed by.

Episode APK 5
Pretty Little Liars You’re being threatened with blackmail. Are you able to figure out the culprit? This reimagining of the iconic TV show has many plot twists and turns . you’ll be shocked when the show is over! So much drama. Wow.
These are only some of the Episode APK within the game. There are many more, with new ones constantly added. If you’re unable to locate what you’re looking to find Then you can create it your own!

Tips to play Episode APK

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Episode APK Like any other game, it’s important to have specifics if you want to be able to succeed. Here are the top strategies and tips for playing Episode . Make money by earning gemstones. You need gems to unlock new clothes and accessories to your character. They are also crucial in making decisions and therefore, make sure you have plenty of gems! You can get more gems by playing long and hard during the game, by sitting and waiting to earn them or by playing the game each day.

Passes are available. When you open an article, you’ll only read the first couple of chapters before you’ll have to buy the money to purchase a pass. Passes are obtained by logging into the game each 2 hours or offered as rewards from the game’s creator for winning challenges within the game. It is also possible to purchase passes using real money,


Episode APK Make your own tales. If you really would like to be an active participant in the community and earn passes and new gems for doing it, then you are able to write your own stories, and let participants engage with them. This is not only an enjoyable aspect that is part of the game but an opportunity to improve you as a storyteller. stories and help your life in the real world. Make sure to tell stories that are entertaining yet distinctive. Your audience will be grateful for it!

Final Words

We don’t know what you are but we are awestruck by an enjoyable little game in which we control all aspects of a character’s lives. This is episode: Choose Your Story, one of the most downloaded, streamed as well as played games on mobile of all time. The In-Play Store app currently has more than 100 million downloads and it’s expanding every minute. But what do you think about the Episode APK that fans can’t enjoy enough of? Keep an eye on this article and discover!

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